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The Okutama Adventure

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I decided a couple of years ago to write a blog about my new life in a rural part of the mountainous Okutama area, which is part of western Tokyo. We have an environment and lifestyle that we love to share. We have fresh vegetables from the garden, encounters with wild animals, a beautiful quiet stretch of river nearby and a real sense of belonging in this community. I am also restoring a traditional mountainside wasabi farm.


I like to share with anyone interested in the rewards and challenges of this type of country living.

There is also a broader purpose for this blog. Okutama is one of the many rural areas of Japan under threat from declining population. I want to share information on a number of topics related to rural revitalization. How can local, metropolitan and national government policies be improved? Can landowners be persuaded to utilize their assets more creatively? Can the forestry industry be revitalized? Can the massive problem of pollen allergy be solved?

I’m off to a very slow start here. I need better blogging habits in order to draw more attention to the immense potential of this beautiful area.